Why are we hosting our infra on AWS

Because time is limited and there are so much good reasons, it's impossible to list all reasons why host kryptor (Our validator) on AWS but let's list some of them 😉.

Team operating Kryptor is working with AWS (Amazon Web Services) since ... years and most of their members are certified as Solutions Architect Associate. Team has lot of knowledge and experience operating highly loaded, critical and secure website on AWS.

AWS is hosting some of the biggest sites in the word and/or part of their customer infrastructure of the following companies, on the same infrastructure as Amazon.com. Some of them are : 

You can check the full list yourself here : https://aws.amazon.com/solutions/case-studies/

AWS provide Datacenters all over the world. For now we have choosen to be in their historical DC in Europe : Ireland, also known as eu-west-1 where they have 3 Datacenters that pemit us to build ultra-reliable and redundant infrastructure (Check Our infrastructure on AWS).

AWS permit us to scale our capacity in minutes if needed. Scaling is the option we have, in fac every AWS user, to update his capacity in real time. As we don't engage ourself for a fixed size server like for the majority of the dedicated server rental business that other validator uses, we can shutdown any server and reboot in in minutes with twice, four, eight or even more capacity. This is the EC2 part of our infrastructure regarding CPU and Memory.

We started Kryptor with 4 * t3.xlarge instances (3 sentry, 1 validator) , you can check their specs here : https://aws.amazon.com/ec2/instance-types/ 

As CPU and Memory is not enough, we also "attached" some EBS volumes to our instances. The initial ones are about 100 GB and only 6 GB are used for the blockchain , in full sync mode, after 4 days. The nice stuff about EBS is that we can scale up to 16 TB without any downtime by extending their size ... just live! Of course those are SSD volumes(GP2). Check their specs here: https://aws.amazon.com/ebs/volume-types/ 

Now that we have CPU, MEMORY and DISK, we are still missing some network. Well that's maybe the easiest for now, every instance is comming with up to 5Gbit network throughput. All the traffic to AWS is free, all what we sent to ... other nodes and validator, we pay.

Cool stuff with network also is that we are hosted on the same Autonomous System (AS) than www.amazon.com : AS16509. Our validator is just using the same network as www.amazon.com, isn't that fun ? 😉

By using the same network and infrastructure we also herit of the same service and SLA, even if they don't offer 100%, with our deployement over multiple of their DC, this is the target with aim!

By service and SLA, we herit also from their native anti-DDOS protection. If you attack our validator, it's like attacking Amazon website. That kind of attack will succeed to small hosters, self and home hosted validator but has nearly no chance to succeed on AWS.

Oh yes, on the security side, all what we deploy is crypted, thus even if somebody from AWS take the disk and try to access it, he will find only ... garbage.

AWS also had a very collection of certifications, well, this is probably the biggest list I ever saw for a single business !


And you, are you also on AWS? Why? Why not? Say it to us : node@kryptor.network