Validator status - 31 03 2021

This morning around 8h30 (GMT+1) while checking manually on top of the rest, we discover that lot of validators went down on their uptime statistics, us included 🤥.

After analysis it seems we didn't signed one block (Screenshot taken later) ! One only ... 😟

As we promote full transparency on the operations on our node, no infrastructre in fact as we don't run a single node, here are the monitoring graph on our side.

Our validator is in red on this graph and didn't suffer from any hickup on CPU. At 5% CPU it's quite ok for now.

On the network side we see some peak on the incomming path but nothing alarming :

Same for the network out :

On the disk side ... it's like the dead sea, ultra flat !

So for now ... we don't know but will will search witch block was not ok.