Validator status - 08 04 2021

Status to share with you this 8th of april 2021.


We still have excellent uptime and are well positioned in the top 50 of active validators, gaining more delegation days after days. No "promotion" on our side, users that stake with directly pay the fee we expect to keep (2.5%).


On the economic side, we where expecting more return and more load faster on our infrastructure. Chain still need time to start and be used in a more "industrial way". The maximum load on our sentries has CPU peak to 11% on the sentries and 16% on the validator himself, you can follow the load live on the infrastructure status page.Ā  We are planning to resize our instances to smaller one as we are wasting money for now and can upgrade back in seconds later if needed. Resizing is possible on AWS as we don't pay, like many other providers, for a fixed server size, that's one of the biggest advantage being hosted there, there flexible pricing model.


We see great interest for our validator comparator with a few hundred requests on it since we lanched it!

Future plans

We already have a "big-dipper", same as and . Still some tuning and we will make it public or semi public, we don't know yet. our idea has always be to propose special services to users who stake with us. That might be one.

We would like to share even more deep info about our infrastructure but we need to keep it secure and don't give direct or indirect access to it. That's why images you see on our status page are exported every min and not automaticaly generated on load. That make our infrastructure more robust, secure and ... for this ... expose nothing from inside to outside..


Like many we think de-centralization is not here, yet ? Too much power is still on the top validators managed by / Bison trails. Information is key, our Validator Comparator is one of those elements, don't hesite to share it !

We are open to you

We already have some interactions with users via mail. Don't hesitate you too to contact us šŸ˜‰.