Validator is live !

Previous days where highly intensive but we succeed !

You can start to delegate your funds to our validator : crocncl1fu9p58ygwzlgw0l8jvtdvnxgp5td0m85mqrqs8.

Staking Rewards is set at 20% (CRO Mainnet Staking Rewards Set at 20% APY)!

Documentation and how-to will be provided very shortly to help you delegate your CRO to us πŸ™‚ or ... any other validator πŸ™. We have put a max commision rate of 3.00% and are now at 2.5%.

As we where not part of the initial Dry-Run, we didn't had CRO from the biginning to launch our validator as soon as possible, that's explain why we joined at heigth 6652 only after we where able to migrate some CRO to Mainnet.

Since that moment, all seems to run fine, some users already staked their CRO with us and we have 100% uptime until now! Our infra is also little bit oversized ... the validator is running at 2% and the sentry nodes at 5% max for now.

Plan for the next days are to enhance and deploy in prod what we are still building in test for now, that will beautify our validator !Β 

- Big-Dipper explorer hosted and managed by us, the one we know until now doesn't sustain the load, we will try to do better.

- Grafana stats giving some insight about the Blochain

- Maybe some inside info about our infra ...

- Paid services (in CRO of course) or VIP access to some feature/info/stats not publicly available.

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