Temporary commission set to zero

That's the decision we took today, pushing our commission to ... zero. We where hoping not to be pushed to that but it seems there is some "bad concurrency" between validators. High commisionned validators are set to zero to "catch" the more than they can and update the commission later. Yes we do the same but we have one of the lowest, non zero, commission proposed.

So why did we that ?

  • Because we do it for fun first and want to continue 😉
  • Because the position of our validator was close to be "at risk" (83/100)... 🤨
  • Because earning between 0 and ... close to zero, there is no difference for us, at least for now...
  • Because we thing we may have real added value in the future and refuse to abandon so quickly.

So ... let see how that change in the following weeks and maybe we will adapt our rate again, but be sure it will not raise quickly as we limited ourself to 0.01% per day !

Anyway we will inform you in that case, via our mailing list, and this website.

Thanks for your support !