Sub-optimal Staking

Maybe you landed on this page because you are asking yourself if your CRO's are well delegated. At Kryptor.Network, we have multiple warnings that can push you to move your delegated funds to another validator :

Your CRO's are delegated on a validator ejected of close to be ejected from TOP100

If your validator is not part of the TOP100, or loose little bit more power and left the TOP100 your CRO's are stacked for ... nothing. Only the TOP 100 validators generate commissions. Check where is located your validator here : 

Are on one of the latest validator in the list ? Your commissions are at risk Re-delegate to us!

Your CRO's are on a validator that has unstable signing rate

From the previous URL (, look at your validator to check his uptime.

Previous image show bad uptime. Attention, to be transparent, bad uptime need to be compared to the others. If the full chain has bad signing rate due to congestion, attack or other, it's not revelant. Ir your validator is clearly under-performing compared to the others... You might have benefits to change!

Are you in this case ? Re-delegate to us!

Your CRO's are on a validator that has very high commission

Don't trust what you read but check yourself. Use our Validator comparator for that. Maybe there is better validator, smaller commission, smaller maximum or smaller change rate.

The following validator is exemplary for that ! Decent minimum to be viable, limited change and acceptable maximum. Check yourself, only one, this is us ! Re-delegate to us!

Your CRO's are on a unbonded / jailed validator.

Those validators does not generate any commission. Re-delegate to us quickly!