Stake CRO's with Desktop wallet

The procedure described below use the desktop wallet. The Crypto Wallet is still in beta but used by many people.

  1. Download the Crypto wallet from, if not yet done.

  2. Transfer some funds (CRO's) to your wallet and confirm they are available. Good practice, for a first transfer, always test with small amount first before transfering more.

  3. Click the Staking menu :
  4. Click the Delegate Funds

  5. Enter the validator address (crocncl1fu9p58ygwzlgw0l8jvtdvnxgp5td0m85mqrqs8) and the amount you want to stake and click Review: 

  6. Provide you app password and click Decrypt wallet

  7. Confirm the transaction

  8. Transaction should succeed shortly

  9. Delegation is now visible in the Delegations screen :

  10. And you can confirm it agains the official explorer, should be one of the latest in our validator : 

  11. As this is successfull, redo the operation with a bigger amount now 😉