Our infrastructure on AWS

Because no validator like what anothor validator is, those are the main part of our infrastructure composing the kryptor validator.

Fully hosted with AWS in Ireland (Europe), we have 3 sentry servers, each one located in a different DC, all DC's are located many kilometers from each other, (not like OVH : https://www.theregister.com/2021/03/10/ovh/)

The validator is unique, otherwise we risk double signature and problems but we take one snapshot of him every hour and move the snapshot to another DC.

Validator instance is a (Since always)

4vcpu (3.1 Ghz E5 2684 v5)
16 GiB memory
5 Gbit Network performance

Sentries instances are (Since resizing of 09-04-2021)

2vcpu (3.1 Ghz E5 2684 v5)
4 GiB memory
5 Gbit Network performance

Before stacking your funds to another validator, check their infra ;-)

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