How to stake your CRO's with us

Staking your CRO's with our validator is exactly the same procedure as any other validator, only the address differ.

Kryptor validator address is : crocncl1fu9p58ygwzlgw0l8jvtdvnxgp5td0m85mqrqs8.

2 options exist, either in command-line, either with the desktop wallet.

The Crypto Wallet is still in beta but used by many people but already reliable. As precaution, what we propose always to the people is to test with a small amount and, if successfull, re-do the same operation with the target amount. As in blockhain, and specialy on CRO Mainnet, all transactions are done in seconds, this should not block you for too much time.

The procedure to use the Desktop wallet to stacke with us is described here.

The procedure explaining how to stake with the command line will come later.

We are always open to any question in case of need. Don't hesitate to contact us.