How to redelegate your CRO's to us

You already deleted your CRO's but the validator is not performing well ?

You delegeted to a validator that suddenly changed his commission ?

Your vlidator et close to be excluded ?

In short ... you are not happy with that and you want : 

  • A stable validator
  • Tranparency on the commission
  • Decent commission
  • Less risk
  • Validator operated by professionals

Kryptor.Network is all about that.

To redelagte your CRO's using the desktop wallet :

  1. Locate the delegator you want to quit in the Staking / Delegation screen and click on the Redelegate link.
  2. Enter the address of the validator in the Destination Validator :
    crocncl1fu9p58ygwzlgw0l8jvtdvnxgp5td0m85mqrqs8 (Link to Explorer)
  3. Success, your CRO are now re-delagated and secured !