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At, we believe to transparency and blockchain is all about that. Since the launch of the Crypto Mainnet, we see lot of very bad things, false information, false advertising on forums, chat services etc...

This page is here to help you choosing the right validator, regarding support you want to offer to the chain, rewards you expect and ... risk you are ready to take. The only risk that can be evaluated here, for now, and that is not easy for common user to discover is the Max Rate and Max Change rate. High number there is not a good sign...

This page load direct from, every time you load it, the full list of validators, parse it for you and filter it followinf your needs. You can check the html code if you want ūüėČ.

You can use the following filters to find the perfect CRO validator for you. We already pre-checked

  • Hide not valid : Those are validators that are pushed out of servcie by the chain due to bad behaviour (jailed) or validator that doesn't have enough fund, then enough power to participate to the chain. Only the TOP100 validators that are signing can give you rewards.¬†
  • Exclude actual 100% commission : Those validators already ask 100% of commission, you have zero reward back. They will make money with your CRO's...

Power is the influence of the validator on the network. The more CRO are stacked on him, the more power he has, the more influent he is. It's has no relationship with your rewards! Validator with the most power, at time of writing, are historical validators of, they also offer one of the lowest interest for you as they take between 10 and 15% of commission !

Min and Max commission will filter the list based on the actual commission of the validator. If you set Min to 2% and Max to 4%, you will get the filtered list with validator that currently offer a rate between 2% and 4 %

Max Change is the maximum daily change rate that any operator can configure on his validator. Validators with high Max Change rate are risky, then can quickly update their rate and ... lower your commission.

Max Rate is the maximum rate that the operator of the validator can push up to, by daily increment of the Max Change. If you see a validator advertising 0% forever with a Max rate not equal to zero ... this is just false advertising.

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If you want to support us, you can stake your CRO with us. See our validator identity for that.

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  Hide not valid (Jailed / Unbonded) 
  Exclude actual 100% commission (Zero return for you)
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