Kryptor validator  - news and status

More than one week passed since the Mainnet lanch on March 25th 2021.

Our validator is playing is role perfectly for now, our infrastructure has still plenty of space to grow ;-)

We started to offer free services like the Validator Comparator. We have one of the best and stable offer on the market! Check our team and you will understand why you have to stake your CRO's with us ;-)

If you are still looking for a validator to stake your CRO's, you just found it ! is here for you! Stake with us, re-delegate to us ! Be part of the blockchain story, be part of the story, stake on Kryptor.

This site will be updated frequenty and not speak about bit and bytes only. We will provide content for every kind of user. Nerd, blockchain specialist, infra specialist, curious people, lot of content is already in the pipe.

New (27-04-2021) : Sentries peer tuning (planned)
New (18-04-2021)
: Sentries + validator updates (planned)
New (17-04-2021) : Temporary commission set to zero
New (10-04-2021)
: Status page now include ALL interventions (backed by blockchain)
New (07-04-2021) : New "Validator status" published.
New (06-04-2021)
 : Public status page is now working!

You can already read our latest article about "Sub-optimal Staking", our How-to : 

Of course, you can always contact us!